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Day 1
Got to Harris beach Got REALLY wet. Made “sand angels” and nutty stuff like walking in circles trying to figure out just which set of gull tracks are going where, chasing sea gulls and stuff

Day 2
Early in morning Walked to Harris Beach from yurt the easy way and came back the hard way.

Day 3
saw M2 and chatted.

Day 4
Stayed at Kalispell

Day 5
Glacier National Park

Day 6
Glacier National Park

Day 7

Day 8
urgh CANNOT breathe in that stupid YWCA-run hotel…. ventilators that we can’t control, a fan that doesn’t work, and a window that leads to the hallway. It used to be a hospital. Washed the dishes. Such a horrid kitchen. Had to wait ’til 11 when it’s no noise (no people) and dirty dishes everywhere, dead bugs all over the stove… OMN soo disgusting.

Day 9
Went to Lake Louise as usual, rode my 3rd Timberlane trail horse, stubborn little palomino named Shiloh. He choked on the way back. Kat (tour guide) told him it’s his own fault for stopping to eat grass. Little idiot had two embarrassing bathroom stops. Tour guide from Vancouver, she has FIVE BROTHERS and a sis. She is such a tomboy. The rest of the party were a Scottish couple. The guy was a cop and the girl was a lawyer. Their names? Mulky (did i spell that right?) and Kathleen. Mulky’s horse was a black one named Bud. Bud had the hardest time cuz he was absorbing a lot of heat. On the other hand, every minute not being ridden is spent eating (referring to the horses). It’s so funny how they keep telling me what to do but I already memorized it 2 years ago. My first one was Pop, and the second one Captain. On the way back, we ran into a group on the way out. One of their horses tried to sneak back with us! Then we were joined by the pony ride group. Kat said “Kathleen, look back and see the cutest horse in the whole stable.” It was cute.

Day 10
Went to Columbia Ice Field. the waiter at the dining room was so annoying. They were playing the radio* and when “Don’t Phunk With My
Heart” came on, guess who was singing along? Isn’t it horrible when people start singing along? Especially guys?
Saw a coyote, 3 adorable bears, and an elk. BLACK BEARS ARE THE CUTEST!!!!

Day 11
back in US. Washington. My dad’s fave singing group, the brothers four, are all from University of Washington.
Went swimming in indoor pool AND had complimentary breakfast.

Day 12
Hated the hotel. My parents agree that the front desk lady looks like a pig.

Day 13
Went to the Oregon City End of the Trail Interpretive Centre. Got interviewed by a guy taking notes about the tourism for Oregon City. and Oregon too. Bought a “sable ferret” from the gift shop. (We’d also bought a “cuddly moose” from Columbia in Canada)
Check this out…. all the stuffed animals we bought are like manufactured in California.
Got lost trying to find the hotel we were looking for.

Day 14
On the way home.
Got there.
Today is Day 15

*[Not sure if it was actually the radio because it could have been background music.]

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  1. 2005/08/27 19:21

    Kewl sounded fun ^-^

  2. 2005/08/27 22:10

    Wow, busy busy. 😛 Ha, it’s so ironic when you buy stuff and then you find out you could’ve gotten it at your own place and for cheaper. That happens a lot with stuff made in China.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/27 23:27

    Your vacation sounded fun… *nod* *nod* and Final Fantasy Advent Children is this awesome sequel-ish kind of thing to FFVII which is a game… =3

  4. 2005/08/27 23:38

    yeah, that explains a lot.

  5. 2005/08/28 13:40

    sounds like you had fun… 😀

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