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I’m in canada

A4 shut up
I had fun so hah

Day 1

Sat in the friggin’ car all day staring at scenery, got to Oregon at dusk, GOT WET AT HARRIS BEACH

Day 2

Stayed at Harris Beach yurt. don’t ask.

Sat in car almost all day except for shopping a couple HOURS in the petting zoo’s gift shop.

Day 3

In hotel

Morning Ran into M2, her grandparents, Gran, my aunt, Agoo(aka mace AKA Y2) (OMN I’m still calling him Agoo), my uncle.


Day 4

Went to Montana, into a neat cabin. Went to nearby creek. very pretty rocks. It’s raining.


Day 5

Still in Montana

Boat rental 3 hours

Gift shop maybe another 3 hours. They have the best t-shirts.

“Please do not feed the bears (I am not a bear)”

(front, pic of girl with braids and “Glacier Park Montana) Back: “Daddy’s little girl just kicked your butt!”

and “feed the bears” and (chewed off) “Please do not”

Day 6

Morning Shopped some more then left, hiked till 210 then went back. Lotsa pics. Me and my mom came up with 3 Qs

Are the rocks painted?

Why don’t wildlife hike to see humans and stare at them intently when we eat?


Day 7

Got here [Canada] at say 930. Yup really fast. Chatted with Irene and Sam, found out Inuyasha is at 11. Went crazy. Played with this enormous blue ball like a kitty plays with a ball of yarn.

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  1. 2005/08/21 04:36

    well seems like you had fun @ Canada and it looks like you had tons of fun and when I went to Canada I got you something hope you like it ^-^ my trip seemed really minute compared to yours

  2. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/22 02:10

    Canada?? sounds fun… way better than my summer… xD

  3. 2005/08/22 13:29

    you’re hysterical. And you spent wayyyyyyyy too much time in gift shops. school starts in like a week! enjoy the rest of break! see you soon!!!!!

  4. 2005/08/23 23:48

    you lucky butt!!!! I really want to go there!!!!! *sob* *sob* T_T

  5. 2005/08/25 02:53

    Canada doesn’t have good cable TV channels, but I guess if you like to drink soup in a bread bowl, Canada’s ok. do they have cartoon network in Canada? oh wait I forgot, the bread bowl and soup thing it’s better in the Seattle airport. at least it looks much fresher and New England clam chowder with sourdough is really good! 🙂

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