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The hedgehog actually curls into a ball in mid-flip so blah. <>


I’m going to Canada on Sunday. and coming back on Friday. so yeah. Blah. Leaves like 3 days to get ready for school. grrrr.

urgh. I can’t comment directly on O so i hope she and “lavendersakura” will see this…. where do you get those headings/skins

Not to be insulting but… I DON’T GET YOU GIRLS THAT SAY “luv <33333” (blech) Arrrgh. I do not get it when people say that to almost complete strangers, especially.

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  1. 2005/08/12 03:40


  2. 2005/08/12 08:59

    I spent AN HOUR reading the emails you sent me. ARE YOU SATISFIED!?!?!?

  3. 2005/08/13 13:20

    heh Have a good one ^-^ I didn’t -_- Blame Canada!!!! Blame Canada!!!! ^^ I L U

  4. 2005/08/13 17:15

    right. Have fun in Canada, and get me something.

  5. 2005/08/13 18:57

    G6 how dare you
    I will check out souvenirs but I can’t guarantee that I’ll get something from CA.

  6. 2005/08/14 17:46

    I was just kidding! but have fun.

  7. 2005/08/20 00:13

    I’m at a friend’s house in Canada and I didn’t get any new comments.

  8. 2005/08/28 18:38

    I think you were the only 8th grader that I gave a letter to. All the other letters were to 9th graders and older. Well, they were just my last thoughts to people. I’m sorry if you don’t think much of it.

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