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Now THAT was a random entry

OMG I almost said, “hi pplz”
and there I said it again


my world is self destructing once again


and what I just said is proof. Wut kind of me would say THAT?! and for that matter, what kind of me would spell what as wut?!!!!!!!!!!! then again wut isn’t so bad.

and since when do I say OMG?
as in gosh.
not God
I am not stupid. I will not say the Name in vain.

what the heck did I “exclaim” that for?!!!

+ older people, please tell me what’s the best grade to be. from 1-12, kindergarten does not count.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/04 13:25

    uhhh..what? LOL

  2. 2005/08/06 22:09

    first grade. when you get excited and feel all important about having homework and they don’t make you write essays and you still get three hours’ free time.

  3. 2005/08/10 03:08

    personally I like 2nd or 3rd grade, because you actually know what you’re doing and you have some responsibilities and you aren’t considered that old…and you don’t get a lot of HW!:)

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