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It’s not fair, K4 got to be with all the WCCC people and none of them probably remember me… except C3, she lives in canada and she didn’t go to WCCC either. [looks “beat-up” depressed] All of a sudden, I’m envious. and it’s probably gonna get confusing ’cause they’ll all remember K4 and not me* so wah! (I think i’m gonna crawl into a rat trap and cry!)

I am totally not typing like the sarcastic person that everyone knows. Ya know… I am just REALLY REALLY REALLY uncomfortable with people that act all popular and that causes me to act like a…? When it gets sarcastic, you know that I’m as comfortable as I’ll get…. just… try… to, I guess… get that the easiest way to let me be nice is to let me… I dunno… alone?…. I dunno…..

blink blink

All I can say is a church of modest youths is my fave, OK?

*[Same name, different spelling]

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  1. 2005/08/03 01:50

    Well, here’s your comment, you would get better comments if you didn’t demand them.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 02:12

    uhhh…. do I know you?? where are you from?? but anyway, nice site, thanks for commenting me.

    jane ❤

  3. 2005/08/03 03:31

    Aw. And yeah, modesty is good.

  4. 2005/08/03 07:41

    I agree. modesty is good. ^_^ stay strong.

  5. 2005/08/03 10:36

    I’m confused. but I think I remember you! =] OMG, how do you know K4???? do you go to her church or something? that’s sooo cool!!
    wait…A3 had booby trapped gum last year?!?!?!?!?! WTheck is that?!?!? ewww. he’s such a cutie now though =] I luuuuv him to pieces *blush*
    I didn’t forget about you, I just didn’t have an email address back then (I think) gimme your email now, though, and I’ll send you a message, kk?

  6. 2005/08/03 11:59

    well, there was one last year…named A3…who was offering gum that snaps fingers…….

  7. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 12:52

    oh, LOL…I remember that kinda…but he’s changed, LOL

  8. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 12:53

    maybe it was his friend Ben…he acts more like that than A3 does….

  9. 2005/08/03 13:05

    oh really? [he]’s the one that warned me.

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