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S6 and A3


Okayy so S6 is currently dating some random person from WCCC ’cause they like each other? Dunno ’bout her but that is totally not me

and shut up A4 you stupid jerk ’cause you aren’t COMMENTING

OMN I am typing and staring at the ceiling at the same time
Wow I spelled everything right!!
Aaahhhh Does that mean I am getting addicted to xanga?
(still looking at the ceiling)

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  1. 2005/08/03 13:03

    haha, you’re so funny….even I can’t type without looking
    and I’m not really dating him, we just like each other. Jane says we are, but it’s not really true. besides, he’s not a random guy, our parents have been friends for a looong time, so I’ve known him for a long time, too. he’s reallllly cute and realllly sweet. we hugged 3 times, and he was always doing nice things for me like opening doors and stuff. he even helped my mom carry luggage!!! sooo cute ^_^

  2. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:13

    I tried to go on it, but it said that the site was shut down by its owner =( is he cute? ^_^

  3. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:13

    oh yeah, I have a question…how do you get the profile pics not to show next to the comments?

  4. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:15

    what?!? I didn’t bug anyyyyoneee!!! LOL

  5. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:19

    oh yeah, i remember =] BTW, I figured out how to do the pic thing…

  6. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:20

    oh OK..=]

  7. 2005/08/03 13:23


  8. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:24

    still can’t find him..

  9. 2005/08/03 13:37

    I am so gonna yell at A4 for that I don’t care if it’s not his fault

  10. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:38

    okkk…sure, I’ll check out his site

  11. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:49

    34 comments isn’t really a lot… I got 70 something once, LOL

  12. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 13:55

    wow, we’ve given each other like, 20 comments! ^_^ scaryyyy

  13. 2005/08/03 14:00

    not so scary…see B6 from last month and you’ll see that I do that sometimes.

  14. Anonymous permalink
    2005/08/03 14:03

    ms. popular? not realllllly. I’m just kinda popular…more than average.

  15. 2005/08/03 15:24


  16. 2005/08/04 02:15

    You ARE addicted! AAAAAAAAH!
    Comments aren’t everything, dearie. *sniggle* But..

  17. 2005/08/04 02:15

    Here’s a comment

  18. 2005/08/04 02:15

    There’s a comment

  19. 2005/08/04 02:16

    Everywhere there is a comment

  20. 2005/08/04 02:16

    Old McDonald had a ________!

  21. 2005/08/04 02:16


  22. 2005/08/04 02:17

    E I E I OH!

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