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Xiaolin* Showdown


Mom’s birthday. Had coffee flavored ice cream.

Me an’ Hannah have been watching (once, Sabrina,) Pokémon, Jackie Chan adventures, Xiaolin* Showdown.

I like Xiaolin Showdown the best of them.



Omi’s a young monk in training. He’s cute. He is such a klutz. Example: “I smell bad”: I stink.

Kimiko is Japanese. She’s way cool. And “dragon of 火” for a reason.

Raimundo is Brazilian.

Clay is… uh… Western cowboy.**

Omi and the rest were introduced in the first episode. Raimundo taught Omi how to pants people when he did Omi (also how to hit the off switch), Kimiko was constantly on the phone and was all “techie,” and Clay is straightforward.

*[To this day, I don’t know why they misspelled the pinyin.]

**[Western as in the movie genre; cowboys are technically the horse-riding cowherds, which weren’t the iconic gunslingers that captured imaginations over the past century.]

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