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Mom was right about that rat


Okayy it is soo weird.
So, especially when it’s hot, if I get up from lying down or sitting, I will sort of black out/get a weird headache.
I go running to Mom for advice
She says to take iron and vitamins.
I get a glass of water, and prepare to swallow the thing whole.
Well, it turns out that the “pill” is NOT GOING DOWN. It seems to be too large. Meanwhile, I am swallowing water for no reason
I split it in half. STILL NOT GOING DOWN.
oop! and there’s one!
and there’s two

At the end of the ordeal, I have a slight headache, feel bloated, and feel carsick because I am bloated, and if I’m even barely full, a car ride causes a painful stomachache. Minus the car ride, plus water, and I am still carsick.


I got attacked by a rat we trapped. stupid. more like leapt upon as a stepping stone to escape from hell.
My parents were like
Dad: ‘My mom burned ’em.’
Mom: ‘How about suffocation?’
Dad: ‘Well, my mom fried ’em.’
Mom: ‘Or maybe drowning.’
Dad: ‘I don’t like anything slow.’
Me: ‘No torture, how about rapping it on the head and hoping it dies immediately?’
Mom: ‘what, d’ya wanna shoot it or something?’
Dad: ‘No, I mean tie it in a bag and whack it against the wall.’
Mom: ‘You won’t be able to tell if it’s dead.’
Dad: ‘I’ll just open it and check.’
Mom: ‘Then it’ll hop out.’
Dad: ‘No, the bag’ll be too big.’

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  1. 2005/08/01 12:58

    Ouch sorry ’bout the pills
    you should have cut them into 1/4 of smaller so your small little throat can handle it ^-^
    And being attacked by a rat is just sad
    your fault trying to pet it
    Rats = insane machines.

  2. 2005/08/01 15:36

    I wasn’t trying to pet it. My dad had me hold the bag. It calculates better than my dad obviously so it leapt over the bag onto my arm, and escaped.

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