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I am so dead

I signed up for VBS help, but I didn’t even see the thing that says when the first meeting is (I was supposed to find out by having the church bulletin, going to YG and/or checking email except it wasn’t working the way it’s supposed to, drat it, i don’t go to YG any more, and I didn’t have the church bulletin).

I remembered it was at one today except i didn’t remember that TODAY when I needed to remember it so I let M3 come over to hang out.

My dad is pissed because I didn’t remember so he’s all ranting that I don’t care about stuff, don’t take responsibility and etc.

When I called the guy who’s organizing everything, I had to leave a friggin’ message ’cause he probably already left for the meeting that organizes everyone. I wasn’t going to do VBS in the first place but it turns out I am leaving for Canada in the last two weeks instead of the first so I could do VBS even though

  1. I’m probably not good at TA
  2. I suck at games
  3. I suck at crafts unless someone else broke it
  4. I am probably not old enough to be respected by older kids as a teacher or to handle little kids either
  5. I am a bad example (that was the friend at my house)
  6. I never liked music thing; it was the worst part of VBS

The world is ending and I am under stress and I hate it but I am willing to withstand it. *sigh*

My dad’s still pissed, of course ’cause he got mad before this even started so it just “fueled the fire”

This sucks.

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  1. 2005/07/31 03:01


  2. 2005/07/31 18:35

    OK, I like music, I just don’t like this one ’cause it’s not like the traditional stuff… it’s all cheesy
    I especially like stuff from the “gray” book. which is gray. and not for sale
    I still have the one I borrowed from Church B.

  3. 2005/07/31 21:51

    hey, I can forward you the emails if you give me your email address.
    mine is []

  4. 2005/08/01 13:01

    LOL ouch oh wellz
    don’t be stressed out
    you can handle this

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