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Isn’t it annoying how, when you view the comments,and you click “back to my xanga site” it goes to public view?

Somebody save my cousin from ignorance ’cause SHE IS NOT UPDATING OR VISITING!!! Save her, oh someone please…

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  1. 2005/07/27 16:42

    LOL are you talkin about M2? x]
    well if you just want to go your private site, click on your username on the top right area. that goes back to your private site. your name on the top left goes to public view. haha that’s just how it works. When you’re on someone else’s xanga…you notice the top left is their username..and the top right is yours. so you just hafta click on yours every time you wanna go to your private view.

  2. 2005/07/27 16:46

    OK, I’m positive she doesn’t like me. I asked for her AIM SN and she said that she forgot it. hm… also “I haven’t been on AIM for months” so yeah, I’m 100% sure she doesn’t like me

  3. 2005/07/27 16:49

    oh this was a while ago though, but it just resurfaced. not saying she hates me though.

  4. 2005/07/27 16:51

    how is it bloody?

  5. 2005/07/27 16:52

    spamming is constantly filling up someone’s comments with junk. but yours isn’t spamming

  6. 2005/07/27 16:55

    I replied all the comments, so I think you’ve got another 10 from me.

  7. 2005/07/27 17:03

    how come you dont have AIM?

  8. 2005/07/27 17:06

    a) stop commenting so much and
    b) get AIM. or AIM express

  9. 2005/07/27 17:25

    for future reference THE STUPID THING WON’T LET ME SIGN UP.

  10. 2005/07/28 01:29

    LOL!! I was just letting you know kays? I didn’t mean to sound that way, so sorries if I did! I love yoos very much ❤

  11. 2005/07/28 17:08

    and that’s my cuzzy! she likes cute stuff

  12. 2005/07/28 17:58

    I deleted yourhighness336’s comment because the language was not suitable.

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