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OK, M from that last entry was supposed to go back to taiwan. Apparently he’s been left behind for 6 more weeks so he signed up to help with VBS. I signed up for games and/or TA, and when I came back… NOOO the kid decided he likes to have fun. HE DOESN’T KNOW THAT MUCH ENGLISH. He’s lucky he picked what he did though… Z3 is the chinese expert besides N2 (who’s gonna be in taiwan during VBS) and he’s doing games too. Hopefully they need a TA, not a games person ’cause I am starting to regret picking games.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    2005/07/19 15:17

    hey =] long time no talk ^^ how are you?

  2. 2005/07/20 21:48

    Heh nice xanga
    finally you got music but you should use coloring
    other than that pretty good
    I see you did improvements good job
    I bet that html class tought you a thing or two

  3. 2005/07/20 22:15

    I’d comment on this, but I’m not going to VBS. and last time I commented, you deleted it!

  4. 2005/07/25 16:43

    They don’t need games people!! yay!! they need TA and kitchen

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