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Oh shoot. :sniff: I have hives. ugh. gross. wah!!! Nobody can tell, but now I don’t feel like going to ATS. I’m embarrassed to scratch, but it itches like hell, and when I say hell, you know I’m serious. ugh.

Ooh, bubble tea… thank you, Mummy.

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  1. 2005/07/07 17:11

    Since no one else said sorry on your xanga, I will. Sorry that you have hives. Just ride it out and… well, I’m not that good with words. I just hope that you feel better soon

  2. 2005/07/07 21:35

    Well, all I can say is IT REALLY SUCKS TO BE YOU! I had hives and they are no fun
    Just try to figure out what caused that allergic reaction to go further into bumps and stuff. SORRY it must really itch and a tip just go take a bath with baking soda it should relax the itching and pain if you have any.

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