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I’m neither shallow nor immature


Great. I just thought of something.  I don’t “like” guys or girls (I’m not a lesbian, I just dont usually get along with boys), so M2 calls me shallow (also because I like the idea of either snubbed boys or beat-up boys), and A4 calls me immature (OK, I’m not saying I can’t get along with any guys, just most).

Shallow? I thought shallow was girls obsessed with outer appearance.

Immature? I thought that was girls giggling over guys as if the girls have totally lost it.

Hello? Both of you people have xangas so comment.

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  1. 2005/07/05 12:02

    Um… Where did your cousin get “shallow”? Your definition of shallow is more accurate. And A4’s just weird

  2. 2005/07/07 21:37

    You are only immature because when you are at movies and there’s a kissing scene, you make a big fuss about it and look away or scream or something dramatic. 😛 Also you are not shallow……………….. or are you?…….. heh heh heh

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