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College guys


Last last Sunday:

Marine world!! My first real roller coaster (still not upside down..never will, never mind what my dad says)

Last Thursday:

I was with my cousin M2 resting ’cause she overstuffed herself at the union when a group of college guys ran by:

college: “Are you in college?”
us: “No.”
c: “How old are you?”
M2: “13”
me: “12”
M2: “12, 13, 12”
c: “You’re too young for us.”
In my head: “Uh.. DUH???”

Is it just me, or do guys get dumber over time? Or do they just appreciate stating the obvious?

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  1. 2005/06/28 19:20

    College people are like that. You’ll get more as you grow -_- Whatever.. they’re just idiots like you said =] I guess.. the webstates could be for anything than.. to change coding? Javascript is your popup alert thing. Yup

  2. 2005/06/30 00:06

    LMAO College guys were hitting on you girls?! Yah uh huh, idiots.

  3. 2005/06/30 18:58

    Haha, aren’t you just looking forward to college? And they were sober, too. What would they be like if they were drunk? Just saying, it COULD be worse, but not much.

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