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[link to movie]
Awesome action, but some gross parts… other than that… wah! I wanna fight like that, too… Very nice costumes, too. How do people do hair like that? puh-leez

I forgot what FROG stands for… Could one of you YG people remind me?

Mammoth/Mono Lakes were fun, EXCEPT THAT I GOT A HEADACHE THE FIRST DAY ‘CAUSE MY LUNGS ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT USED TO THE ALTITUDE! Plus i got dissed by one of the dumber people from YG and it made me wanna go back to H’s church, except I heard C2 the Serving One moved to Texas so bye-bye to

  1. free guitar lessons
  2. excuse to skip Church A YG and go to Church B’s youth meeting instead.

Also, I don’t know who’s the new “leader” so i don’t feel like going.

Ya probably think I make too many assumptions, but oh well.

<edit> i forgot…we watched two dumb movies and one OK one… first 2…

  1. Goldeneye
  2. Tomorrow Never Dies


  1. Speed
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