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Mammoth Lake


My back aches, my shoulders ache, and my butt aches.

I think God worked earlier for me by letting me in the house when I thought I was locked out. I trust he’s locked it again.

Wonder if Sami (?) visited my xanga site… doesn’t matter.

I think Z3’s a China supremacist. Maybe.

B’s nice and sympathetic.

My youth group sweatshirt is keeping me warm, here in Mammoth Lake’s town.

One of the songs on one of the CDs A4 burned for me goes like this*:

[. . .] shove it in my face [. . .]

I’m the one you want to hate and not to date so shut up, shut up, shut up, don’t want to hear it,

Get up, get up, get up, get out of my way

Step up, step up, step up, you’ll never doubt me

Nothing you said today is gonna bring me down

“Shut Up,” or at the very least, that’s what they should call it.

I’m falling aslee p

[*That’s how I heard the lyrics to Simple Plan’s Shut Up, as I later found out I misheard.]

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