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Okayy…now I think the other ninth grader is also an idiot ’cause I saw his site and he cussed.  Shame on him!  C4 wasn’t being too nice today… She smacked me for kicking her chair, calling her boring and etc. But what can I say? I was getting super pissed.

I updated the “about me” so readers may see me on the DCCC YG.

Hopefully C5, who I was talking to during PE, will check out my site.

N2 is still the only one who commented about snake fillet soup because she ate a frog which supposedly tastes like chicken, too, but I bet
it doesn’t, either.

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  1. 2005/06/12 13:10

    hey! cute frog–I hope you had an awesome school year. See you this summer! ~Q2

  2. 2005/06/14 00:21

    uh…………………….. []? Is that you? O.o??????? If it is, HI! ^_^

  3. 2005/06/14 23:20

    O, sometimes you can embarrass me… JK!

  4. 2005/06/15 12:38

    Apparently she did (looks at eprops)

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