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My bad… it took too long to cook.  Anyway, snake doesn’t taste like anything, and its bones are like fish bones. The meat is very chewy, like squid.  There’s a spinal cord where you snap the spine, stretchy but tasteless.  Don’t I sound just so bloodthirsty?

See, what happened was that this idiot was after a scrub jay’s eggs, so a couple of them picked it up, and commenced beating by throwing (dropping) and etc, so the backyard workers beheaded the snake. We snapped some pictures, put it in a box, my gran skinned and cleaned it, boiled it with ginger(which has no effect except for horrible smell), and here I am, drinking snake soup and eating snake fillet (?).


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  1. 2005/06/02 19:13

    huh…I’ve never eaten snakes before, so I don’t know what it taste like. Maybe I’ll have a chance to eat one someday. Actually I prefer frogs better.

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