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Stupid Z3 and X. Just ’cause I suck and so do the rest of us… 7th graders… grrr.

I go, “I suck at basketball,” and they go, “Yeah you do,” and I get insulted and X’s stupid big ol’ brother joins the chorus ’cause almost all the other 7th graders are wannabe sluts or wannabe 9th graders :koff: except :koff koff: me :koff: or actually me and my friends, who are so perfect that they don’t count.  I hate PE ’cause they don’t wait for you to actually learn; they just expect you to watch, figure out, and :ding: you can play.  That’s how it was with gymnastics, too.  Self defense should require a LOT more discipline. School overall should punish smart-alecks. Something painful that would send the message in big letters…

-Important note-

Teachers don’t hate or torture you.  You don’t know it, but actually you hate them, you torture them by “getting back at them” by “getting under their skin”. Quote Mr. A: “Cut the Crap”. I guess sometimes when a teacher cusses the message goes through “clearer”. Mr. A says that the magic word is “Shut up”. M3 says I say shut up too much.


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