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Xanga things

I changed my pics.  My new theme is Alpha House (2/3) but I also have Canada (elk) (1/3). The default one is me and Joanna* and I think it’s us giving testimony. We were saved at the same time, sort of. That place is soo cool.

What are “reviews” for?

What are “events” for?

*[I believe that this Joanna is not someone that I know right now but I could be wrong.]

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  1. 2005/05/05 02:24

    HEY! ^__^ AWW!! You’re so cute in that Alpha House picture! Man, I miss you so much. Haven’t seen you in ages. =( Don’t bother with reviews and events. Those aren’t anything. I don’t think anyway.. but keep up on posting! I like knowing how you’re faring. =) =)

  2. Anonymous permalink
    2005/05/21 19:11

    LOL you took away the comments on the entry above so yeah I’m commenting on this one….. all 7th graders suck. It’s TRUE. Deal with it. Except for a select few. hehe. but VERY few. like .00000000000000000000000001% are NOT wannabe popular/slut/prep/goth/ghetto/skater
    Go to YG tonight!! See you there…

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