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I think that I’ll have to throw X3 again. It’s getting annoying. He sits in my seat and I threw him out. Yay me!


Anyhow, I am so bored.

I got a look at “elftown” and it is so weird… I dunno how on Earth it works!

I hate these stupid banner ads.

There’s supposed to be a site where all you have to do is type an essay about a certain subject in a blog and ads zoom in for anyone who’ll read it, and I think that it’s supposed to help you make money… o whatever.

I am really bored

I have to go to Asian Pacific Night @ UCD later.ugh. If I don’t, X4 will murder me. (sulk) (sigh) (blink, blink)

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(no p) HA*

[Author’s note: N4 invented “wheep” as a combination of whee and beep.]

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