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Slice of life


Cyclamens is thirsty.

Hannah is sick.

I need to load my music onto the Xanga account.

N2 wants to play the Suzuki duet.

Daddy bought the kneaded eraser. It’s not too bad, but needs some practice.

The boys stopped bugging me since Wednesday. I’m trying to teach myself a move that will break the arms if that ever happens again. I might, anways.

Did I mention that Y&X never go to youth group or Sunday School?

Speaking of youth group, yesterday I baked my first cookies for youth group, but neglected to label them, and the other fellowship (downstairs) ate them all. They must have been really good, ’cause there weren’t any left! Next week I’ll try again.

N2 and I are the only registered 7th graders! in youth group. Probably no one will care, and just go, “So?” Don’tcha just hate that?

I should pay more attention in Sunday School, but private study is too tempting.

I should write long, poly-paged entries and take less time to fill out the diary. No offense, but as I said before, this thing is pink, small, and malfunctioning. I gave M3 this beautiful, big (hint, hint), silver lines, silver edged journal with a silver rectangular plate on the top with “Journal” (in big serif font) carved in. Personally, I’m half jealous that Mom didn’t buy 2, but I have way too many journals.

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