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Slice of life


I should lay off the Xanga account for a long time and see what happens. Really! I4 is [username here], and I hate him, but I seriously should chill. Even if I don’t be “nicer,” I can learn to “take a chill,” which is a good idea.

I apologize for being more faithful to my Xanga account, but I couldn’t help it. I think this diary is too girly, and extremely small. My inside cover drawings are terrible. I’m not kidding. I used to think they were pro-like! The way I write, what I write is stupid and shallow. I feel like a gossip, looking back. Since I highly doubt I will ever finish this, I might as well get started.

Someday I might think better of my own writing.

Sometimes I swear, and then I feel ashamed of myself. L3 convinced me to say, “merde,” and told me I said, “shit,” in French. She played that trick on me because when someone cusses, I apparently hyperventilate, or freak out. K4 cusses, now, and SHE’s the one that told me that it was stupid.

C4 had a dentist appointment, so we didn’t ride the bus together. A4 didn’t show up, either.

I think the teachers are slowly adding to the burden of homework.

I don’t have any pets except for my cyclamens… a flower!

J4 makes me say, “I, Shock, am truly, dearly, very sorry for (usually this is the cause>) ignoring one of the very important people influencing my life. Sorry.” J4 scares N2.

I talk too much during violin lesson, but I can’t help it. Like, I want to mention everything I think of, as if I’ll forget if I don’t right away.

Wonder how many times in her life will Hannah watch the Fantasias.

I can’t believe some people think (I mean, really) that I’m not afraid of anything, which would be nice, yet unrealistic.

Today’s society is not good, my dad says so.

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