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Crab fishing


well, O is here, and we went fishing for crabs yesterday. O found the most netted ones, and the net with the fish head worked best. However, the one I found netted… here goes nothing..

OK, we have to move the crabs from a box to the cooler. I pick up the one that seems like the one I caught. It reaches under its shell to scrape at me with its legs before it grabs my middle left finger (tsk tsk). I shake it off. I reserved that one for myself in spite. I don’t think they remembered which one was mine, but O uses logic and I use gut feelings. now I’m not sure where it is, which sounds really dumb.

They are so indecisive. This book is O’s but she lets me read over her shoulder. J4, K, and L are driving me crazy and O’s brother L5 wants to use the computer, ARRGGHH!!!!

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