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I just wanted to be left alone


I gave T3 a bruise, kicked “U3” (a.k.a. U3), kicked V3, kicked W3, kicked X3. Ha… boo. L3 helped me “chill” when I was ready for murder. “Y3” says I left marks on “U3″‘s leg. His [U3’s] stupid nickname is so lame.

V3 kept talking about anger management. Someone posted on my locker. It has horrible spelling, so here’s what was written… “Hi. Welcum to the anger management cors.” Mr. A was reading about a philosophy course, so I bet that’s where they got that from. Monday shall probably bring yet another note.

W3 thinks U3 is my boyfriend or something. I guess U3 was one of the cool kids in elementary school and made some other guy quit messing with me in 4th grade. So?

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