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Junior High


It’s been a while, so school’s started.

Ben asked out Sasha (reject).

I’m being evil to F3, G3, H3, I3, and that group. H3 is a liar. G3 is a wimp. B4 is deranged.

My English teacher, Mr. A, is crazy—

  • Police coming? Gotta hit the gas.
  • In high school, gets chased by 3 teachers, a custodian, and the principal across the roof.
  • His 3 year old son is looking at his Neopet/Happy Meal toy/egg. You see, it turns out to be a dumb old egg so the little guy pipes up, “What the hell is this?” His wife goes, “[Mr. A], that’s you.”
  • and much, much more.

I’m staying in touch with C3! I have new friends—J3, K3, L3, M3, N3, O3, P3, Sarah, blonde version of C3 kind of named C3 (haha) [R3], S3, and more. Junior high is amazing, but wacko!

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